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Donald Trump continues to offer up nominees to lead offices that they have spent their careers challenging and opposing. One nominee after another has undermined the very office they are set to hold, and his nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, Eric Dreiband, is no different.

Dreiband has spent his career defending corporations accused of employment discrimination, and now he is Trump's pick to lead the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division. This division is tasked with ensuring that civil rights protections are enforced, yet Dreiband has defended a corporation that discriminated against a Muslim woman and defended North Carolina's discriminatory anti-transgender law.

Tell your senators you demand they OPPOSE the nomination of Eric Dreiband for Assistant Attorney General>>

In his personal capacity, Dreiband has opposed and testified against legislation designed to protect civil rights. In one instance, he opposed legislation that would secure equal pay for women. He testified against legislation that would prevent age discrimination in workplaces. He even submitted a friend of the court amicus brief supporting an employer accused by the EEOC of discriminating against Black and Latinx applicants. And that's just the beginning of his long record of opposing civil rights. With no known experience working for core Civil Rights Division issues and a proven hostility towards women, older workers, and LGBTQ individuals, Dreiband is the WRONG choice for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

Add your name: Dreiband is the wrong choice for the Civil Rights Division!

Over the past 200 days, the mission of the Justice Department has been steadily eroded by Trump and Sessions' anti-civil rights agenda. From switching sides on an important voting rights case to challenging diversity in college admissions policies, the Trump-Sessions DOJ has been actively antagonistic toward civil rights. Dreiband's nomination is another blow to the department's mandate to uphold civil rights, and senators must use every tool at their disposal to block his confirmation.

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Katie O'Connell, Digital Communications Coordinator











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