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Donald Trump’s Department of Labor has opened up a “Request for Information” in an attempt to undercut the overtime pay rule, which is critical to millions of workers' ability to earn a fair wage.

We've joined with a robust group of our progressive partners to call on our members to submit comments and let the Labor Department know that the American people demand fair overtime pay -- and the Department needs to side with workers, not corporate special interests.

The comment submission period is open NOW.

Please submit your comment today telling Labor Secretary Acosta to fully implement the updated overtime rule>>

Last year, the Obama Labor Department updated the overtime rule, raising the overtime salary threshold from $23,660 to $47,476. When fully implemented, this updated rule extends overtime eligibility to 4.9 million more working people and makes it harder for employers to deny overtime to another 7.6 million working people who are already eligible. But Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor has said that he thinks the Obama-era rule is too generous to workers.

Overtime reform is a key accomplishment in the fight to raise the wages of all workers. Don’t let Donald Trump’s Department of Labor take it away!

Protect overtime pay and demand full implementation of the badly-needed, updated overtime rule now>>

Thank you so much for all you do.

-- Ben Betz, Digital Advocacy Director


















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