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Demand the Senate REJECT extreme Trump nominee Damien Schiff>>


Trump's nominee for the Federal Court of Claims, Damien Schiff, has a temperament that Trump -- with his shunning of decency and civility -- might appreciate … but that makes him unfit to sit on a federal court. Like another Trump nominee, John K. Bush (who, shamefully, was just confirmed on a straight party line vote), Schiff has a history of writing offensive blog posts -- including one in which he notoriously referred to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy as a "judicial prostitute."

But it's not just his temperament and inflammatory rhetoric. As a lawyer he has spent his career litigating against environmental regulations, and has spewed vitriol about environmental activists -- demonstrating that he would not be a fair and impartial judge on the federal bench.

Speak out today -- Republicans can't be allowed to think that Americans are not watching their cowardly and extremist moves to pack the courts with right-wing radicals. We must demand that they OPPOSE Trump's most extreme nominees and shame them if they don't.

Tell the Senate to REJECT Damien Schiff for the US Court of Claims!>>

Republican senators have been marching in lockstep with Mitch McConnell to confirm Trump's most radical right-wing judicial nominees -- nominees who, as judges, will take extreme positions against all of the issues on which some of these senators claim to be "moderate."

With their support of far-right extremists for the federal bench, Senate Republicans are rapidly making the case that "moderate Republicans" have in fact gone completely extinct.

But we MUST keep fighting nonetheless... and there's another vote on another unacceptable far-right nominee that will give Republicans one more chance. And they need to hear from all of us.

During his hearing, Schiff refused to share his Constitutional interpretation with Senators, telling them it wasn't relevant… even though it's a crucial aspect of how he performs his job. And he wasn't able to explain aggressively anti-LGBTQ positions he holds. In past writing, he accused an anti-bullying school program of "teaching homosexuality", and wrote that there are "moral implications of homosexuality," implying that there's something wrong with being LGBTQ.

Schiff also compared a decision upholding diversity admissions in higher education to Dred Scott, which upheld slavery, Plessy v. Ferguson, which allowed segregation, and the Korematsu decision that allowed the government to keep Japanese Americans in internment camps.

Damien Schiff is an unsuitable nominee for this Federal seat, evidenced by the harmful and bigoted opinions he holds.

Please urge your senator to REJECT Schiff's confirmation>>

Thank you for taking action,

Katie O'Connell, Digital Communications Coordinator














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