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RIGHT NOW, Trump's voter suppression commission is meeting in New Hampshire, trying to sell widely debunked conspiracy theories about mass illegal voting to advance its voter suppression agenda.

We're mobilizing activists across the country, churning out research to expose the sham of this commission, responding to commission members' lies in the media ... our affiliate PFAW Foundation even ran a full-page ad in the New York Times highlighting the infamous right-wing vote suppressors heading Trump's commission.

Will you make an emergency donation to help PFAW defend the right to vote in the face of Trump's voter suppression commission and other assaults on voting by the Right Wing?

PFAW and PFAW's Right Wing Watch have been covering Trump's sham commission extensively and we've flagged some important concerns leading up to today's meeting that we're keeping a close eye on... things like:

The New Hampshire LIE: Sham commission co-chair Kris Kobach published a column in Breitbart last week recklessly asserting that 'fraudulent' votes swayed the 2016 election results in New Hampshire ... the assertion was met with shock and ridicule based on his egregious misrepresentation of statistics and his seemingly counting legal voting by college students in the state as 'fraudulent.'

The Bannon/Mercer Connection: A report by the right-wing Government Accountability Institute was expected to be heavily featured in today's meeting. That group was run by Steve Bannon until Bannon joined the Trump campaign in August 2016. During that time, GAI paid Bannon a substantial salary while he was also running Breitbart News. GAI has been funded substantially by the notorious Mercer family, major backers of Trump’s campaign and presidency, and Rebekah Mercer currently chairs the organization’s board.

Voter Roll Purges: One person scheduled to speak at today's meeting was Robert Popper, a former colleague of far-right commission member J. Christian Adams. Popper’s prepared testimony centers on federal enforcement of voter roll purges. In the past he has as threatened to sue states and counties unless they purged their voter rolls.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Trump's sham commission is the most aggressive effort yet by the Right Wing to federalize their nationwide attacks on voting rights and ballot access that have been taking place for decades, mostly at the state and local levels.

We need to stop them! Please donate what you can to help do it>>

Thank you!

-- Ben Betz, Digital Advocacy Director

















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