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RIGHT NOW, the most important election in the country is the special congressional election in Pennsylvania's 18th district... and a BRAND NEW POLL of likely voters from Emerson University now has Democrat Conor Lamb BEATING radical Trump Republican Rick Saccone by 3 points!!!

Conor Lamb AHEAD by 3!

We have the momentum! But there's only ONE WEEK from tomorrow to lock up this CRUCIAL victory!

take back the house

Democrats and progressives are being MASSIVELY outspent in this race by right-wing super PACs (including Paul Ryan's).

Republicans are treating this race as an all-out emergency, because they know that if we can beat them here, it could solidify a national BLUE WAVE that flips control of the US House and maybe even the Senate!

Renew for 2018 with your donation of $7 or more today to flip this GOP-held seat to the Democrats and to help us defeat Trump Republicans all across the country>>

The Republican, Trump-endorsed Rick Saccone, is a far-right extremist who:

  • says he was "Trump before Trump,"
  • has written extensively in support of torture,
  • once introduced legislation that would allow customers at Chuck E. Cheese to carry guns, and
  • when he was considering a run for Senate last year, told a Christian Nationalist radio program he was running because God wants Christians "to rule over us."

Saccone would be another GOP rubberstamp for Trump's dangerous, un-American agenda. That's why we're running digital ads, phonebanking voters in the district to turn out every last progressive, and more...

Election Day is just 1 week from tomorrow!

Please rush your renewal donation of at least $7 right now to flip this seat and defeat Trump Republicans up and down the ballot in 2018!>>

THANK YOU for everything!















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