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It’s going to come down to absentee and provisional ballots, and maybe even a legal challenge, but with 100% of precincts reporting, Democrat Conor Lamb holds a 641-vote lead over Trump Republican Rick Saccone in the special congressional election to fill the vacant US House seat in Pennsylvania's 18th district.

Trump carried this deep red district by just shy of 20 points and it had been considered so safe for Republicans that no Democrat even ran in the last two elections. Now, Democrats are seeing that they can -- and must -- compete EVERYWHERE.

This race provides the clearest sign yet that we could be heading for a massive wave election that sweeps Paul Ryan’s far-right GOP House majority out of power.

We’ll be watching closely as the final drama plays out in this contest but, make no mistake, the most important conclusion is already confirmed: this is a BIG WIN.

This race was a major test for Democrats (and the progressive activists that put their energy into this race) and they passed with flying colors. And, come November, Democrats stand an even better shot of holding this House seat and picking up more in Pennsylvania due to the courts throwing out Republicans’ heavily gerrymandered district map.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything you did to help flip this seat and win this CRITICAL election!!!

More than 2,500 of you donated to help us get out every last progressive vote and to Conor Lamb’s campaign directly. PFAW members joined phone banks to call voters in the district and made sure that every progressive turned out. This was an all-hands-on-deck effort and a shared victory for progressives everywhere. We were massively outspent by Republican super PACs and right-wing megadonors, who tried everything they could to elect another Trump stooge in Rick Saccone. But People Power prevailed.

It’s still going to take a ton of hard work, but this win is going to help accomplish so much in this year’s midterms. You truly got the ball rolling on the big blue wave America so desperately needs at this moment in history.

Thanks again. And stay tuned for more updates and more ways to make a difference.


Michael Keegan, President


















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