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Say No To Trump's Border Wall


Donald Trump’s divisive, hateful plan to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico does not reflect who we are as a country. It wouldn’t just cost us in dollars -- the human cost, in sacred tribal lands bisected, families torn apart, and lives lost in dangerous border crossings, would be immense. And it would be a disaster for our environment, destroying wildlife refuges, blocking wildlife migration pathways, and increasing flooding in local communities.

During the campaign, Trump touted the border wall to stoke fear and intolerance against immigrants. Despite repeated promises that it wouldn’t cost us a dime, he’s since threatened everything from government funding to DACA protections as political leverage to try to force it through.

We are only 15K signatures away from our goal of 100,000... help us reach our goal to tell Congress to reject a plan motivated by hatred and bigotry!

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