Tell the Senate Not to Let the Mueller Investigation's Report be Buried!

TO: U.S. Senate

With the growing threat from the Trump administration against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and the seriousness of the allegations his campaign is facing, the public deserves full and complete transparency into the findings of the investigation once complete. I urge you to support the Special Counsel Transparency Act to ensure that the Trump administration is unable to bury Mueller's report.

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    As the indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller continue to pile up, it’s clear he’s getting closer and closer to Trump’s inner circle – and, to potentially revealing the alleged collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

    That is, unless, Trump is able to keep the findings under wraps – never to be seen by the public eye. We know Trump remains hostile towards the Mueller investigation and his recent nomination of William Barr as Attorney General only exacerbates the threat to the investigation. During his confirmation hearing, Barr refused to commit to releasing the report publicly and stated he might even author his own report!

    We cannot allow the ongoing threats to the Mueller investigation continue – we must demand transparency.

    Senators just introduced a bipartisan bill that would do just that, but we have no chance of it passing unless there is a strong showing of support by voters and members of Congress alike. Unless we can create a groundswell of support behind the Special Counsel Transparency Act you can bet Mitch McConnell will never let it get to a floor vote.

    Sign the petition today and urge your senators to support the Special Counsel Transparency Act today!

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