Giving Tuesday NOW: Together, We Can Save Our Democracy

 DEADLINE EXTENDED: ALL donations before midnight on 5/6 will be 4X-MATCHED!

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t just threaten our health and our economy, it’s a dire threat to our DEMOCRACY as well.

Trump and right-wing politicians are using this crisis to suppress the vote, ram through reckless tax cuts for corporations and the ultrawealthy, and withhold critical relief funds as leverage to push their extreme policy agenda.

But on this global day of giving, you can FIGHT BACK with a donation to stop Trump Republicans’ exploitation of this crisis and defeat them at the polls.

TOGETHER, we can protect the vote, save our democracy, lessen the harm to our economy, and restore the American Way.

AND, when you support the work of People For the American Way through Giving Tuesday Now, your donation will be QUADRUPLE-MATCHED by a group of our dedicated donors. (If you choose to make your contribution a monthly sustaining gift, your monthly gift will be 4X-matched for the entire year!)

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