Secretary Carson: Keep inclusive language in the HUD mission!

To HUD Secretary Ben Carson:

HUD's mandate is to protect fair and just housing practices, and removing language like "inclusive" and "free from discrimination" violates this important mandate. I urge you to rescind the decision to make these harmful changes to the HUD mission statement.

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    A leaked memo showed that Carson has asked for HUD’s mission statement to be stripped of the phrases “inclusive” and “free from discrimination.” HUD’s mandate is to protecting fair and just housing practices, yet Carson is directing the agency to remove language that upholds this mandate.

    This news broke just days after PFAW announced a lawsuit against the Justice Department and HUD to release documents that concern reported changes in federal policy towards LGBTQ people. We had previously submitted FOIA requests through PFAW’s Right Wing Watch for the information.

    Providing “inclusive” housing that is “free from discrimination” is a fundamental purpose of HUD, and the removal of this language will endanger LGBTQ people who do not have other protections from discrimination in housing. In fact, only 17 states and DC protect people from housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and three others offer protection just based on sexual orientation. Going to HUD may be the only way some people can get recourse if they’re discriminated against, and now Ben Carson wants to eliminate that option.

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