Demand that the College Board Restore the Content of the AP African American Studies Course!

David Coleman, CEO & Trevor Packer, SVP, AP and Instruction; the College Board:

There is growing evidence that the College Board gave in to demands from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s administration to water down the new AP African American Studies course.

As a result, the harmful far-right campaign to demonize educators and restrict honest teaching about racism in our history and institutions has chalked up another victory. And students all across the nation will be denied access to the full truth about African American history and culture — and American history and culture.

I urge you to fully restore course content that educators deemed integral to the curriculum that was removed to satisfy the demands of political leaders. Anything less is a failure in providing our nation’s children with the education they deserve.

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    Florida Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis has struck one of the largest blows to the freedom to learn in our nation’s classrooms, and, according to explosive new reporting by The New York Times, one of the nation’s largest education nonprofits gave him a hand.

    The College Board – which administers SAT testing and designs “advanced placement” (AP) high school courses – caved to right-wing criticism over their new AP African American Studies class by eliminating content that the College Board once viewed as fundamental to the course. It was the latest victory in the far-right's war on truth, history, and the freedom to learn. We must speak out and demand accountability for those advocating for these changes – and those who enable them.

    This erasure of Black history, announced during Black History Month, is part of a dangerous campaign by the Far Right. Sign our petition today and demand that the College Board reverse their decision to water down the AP African American studies curriculum!

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