Tell Congress: Defend Our Post Office

U.S. Congress:

The United States Postal Service is on the brink of bankruptcy. Our postal service has helped connect the country since our founding and we need to be able to send and receive mail, prescriptions, and other essential packages in this crisis.

In the face of reports that the Postal Service is cutting back on services because they are running out of funds, it’s essential that the Senate include the full $25 billion of funding that the House has already passed. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, we need a robust postal service to ensure we have a strong democracy.

Congress must act now to fund the the survival of the United States Postal Service!

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    People For the American Way Foundation released the following video to honor the U.S. Postal Service’s historic role in serving and uniting all Americans:

    The United States Postal Service is enshrined in the Constitution as a core priority of the federal government because it provides an irreplaceable service. It’s part of the lifeblood of our communities. By making sure that all Americans, regardless of where they live, can be in contact with one another, the Postal Service knits together the fabric of our community. It unites all of us.

    With startling reports that the USPS is cutting back on services because they are stretched for revenues, we simply can’t afford for the USPS’s role to be diminished, particularly as we become even more reliant on meeting our needs in this time of the COVID-19 crisis.

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