Tell the Senate: Pass the Dream & Promise Act Now!

U.S. Senate:

For too long, hundreds of thousands of DREAMers and their families have lived in fear of deportation and uncertainty about the future. Now that the House of Representatives has passed a bill that would protect DREAMers and provide a path to citizenship, it’s on the Senate to schedule a vote to ensure that this important piece of legislation becomes a law.

I call on you to support the DREAM Act and provide a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and other young undocumented immigrants who graduate from US high schools and attend college, enter the workforce, or enlist in a military program.

Please pass the DREAM Act as a clean, amendment-free bill without delay!

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    The House of Representatives just passed a bill with bipartisan support that would finally protect Dreamers -- immigrants brought over as children whose lives are deeply rooted in the US as the only home they ever known –  from deportation and give them a pathway to citizenship! 

    Now it’s on the Senate to schedule a vote to pass the DREAM Act and stop playing politics with people’s lives.  

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