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Department of Homeland Security:

The "zero tolerance" policy of referring all migrants and asylum seekers crossing our border to the DOJ for prosecution and separating children from their parents in the process is inhumane, immoral, and un-American. And the accounts of how this practice is actually being implemented, along with the deep trauma that this is inflicting on children and parents alike, are horrific.

I am outraged and demand, as an American, that you STOP this policy immediately and STOP separating families in our name. There is no law that requires the administration to separate children from their parents. Breaking up families is NOT the American Way.

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    Frightened children locked up in what have been described as cages … mothers told they’d never see their children again … at least one account of a baby ripped from her mother’s arms while breastfeeding …

    2,000 immigrant children have been ripped away from their parents at the border over just a six-week period ending last month. This level of brutality flies in the face of our core values as Americans and we must all speak out and say ENOUGH.

    Americans from across the political spectrum are forcefully calling for an end to the Trump administration’s cruel “zero tolerance” policy of locking up migrant and asylum-seeking parents for prosecution and separating these desperate, vulnerable people from their children.

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