Urge the Senate to End the Filibuster and Pass the For the People Act!

U.S. Senate:

Used throughout history to block passage of civil rights legislation, the legislative filibuster now stands in the way of historic democracy reforms that would strengthen voting rights, end dominance of big money in politics, and implement anti-corruption measures to make our government work for the people.

In order to ensure passage of these vital steps, it’s increasingly urgent that the Senate eliminate the legislative filibuster to pass this historic bill.

I urge you to support ending the Senate filibuster and work toward passage of S. 1, the For the People Act, immediately!

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    Disgruntled by 2020 election losses, far-right legislators across the country are on the warpath to make voting less accessible for millions of people across the country. They know the only way they can regain some of their lost power is to make sure fewer people are able to vote in the next election, and they are pushing through their voter suppression bills as quickly as they can.

    Currently, there is a bill before the U.S. Senate, the For the People Act (S. 1), that would prevent the worst voter suppression provisions from taking effect– but without urgent action by Senate Democrats, the bill is destined to fail when it comes up for a vote. The Senate filibuster, an archaic procedural rule in the Senate that has been used in the past to block landmark civil rights legislation, now stands in the way of this historic democracy-strengthening bill. We must DEMAND an end to the filibuster so that these democracy-strengthening measures and other important bills can be passed.

    Sign the petition now and demand that the Senate eliminate the legislative filibuster to pass the For the People Act – the future of our democracy depends on it!

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