Bannon is just the start! Fire Seb Gorka, and Stephen Miller IMMEDIATELY.

Donald Trump:

White nationalists have no business being in the White House, writing policy, and crafting strategy. It's been reported you plan to fire fire Steve Bannon. I demand that you also fire Seb Gorka and Stephen Miller IMMEDIATELY.

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    Firing Steve Bannon has been long overdue. Trump's other white nationalist advisors -- Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller -- need to go too. These men, all of whom have explicitly white nationalist ideologies, never should have been crafting strategy and policy in the White House in the first place.

    With the escalation in hate crimes since Trump's election -- from sometimes fatal violence towards religious and racial minorities to appalling displays of white nationalism and out-of-control Nazi rallies -- it is clear that these men do not belong in the White House. Their presence legitimizes the hateful beliefs of the "Alt-Right", white supremacists, and neo-Nazis and they are allowed to work on policy with Trump that is racist, anti-immigrant, and xenophobic.

    Tell Trump: It's time for Bannon AS WELL AS Gorka and Miller to GO.

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