Demand that Tech Companies are Held Accountable!

U.S. Congress and the Biden Administration:

Anyone connected to the internet has likely viewed content that should not have been allowed to be posted. Unchecked lies, hateful and extremist content, or worse, have been allowed to be endlessly shared across the internet for too long. It’s time to hold tech companies accountable.

I urge you to create and enforce regulations that would require all tech companies to closely monitor and remove content that spreads disinformation or propagates extremist rhetoric.

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    For years, tech companies around the world have ignored the rampant spread of hate and disinformation campaigns on the internet, and repeatedly we have witnessed the ramifications of letting it go unchecked.

    Candidates can brazenly lie about their opponents and Facebook will barely flinch; lies can spread like wildfire on Twitter while executives defend their decision to not flag or remove the content; far-right extremist groups can raise money and sell merchandise while vendors cash in on the profits.

    As public pressure intensifies to hold tech companies accountable, some have chosen to implement modest reforms to curb the extremism, but it’s not enough and we must demand more.

    Sign the petition now and demand that Congress and the Biden administration take action to require tech companies to more strictly regulate the content available on their platforms!

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