Congress: Create an independent commission!

Members of Congress:

I want the truth and I want accountability. The special prosecutor and various investigations into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials are needed -- but I want to see you employ every tool available to find out what may have happened. Support the discharge petition to create an independent commission now!


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    The appointment of a special prosecutor to take over the Trump-Russia investigation was a major victory. But it's just the beginning of what we need to ensure that the American people get the answers we deserve.

    ALL types of available investigations are needed because no single option is perfect. Congressional inquiries can be slowed by Trump allies in the Republican House and Senate majorities. And the special prosecutor still technically exists under the DOJ’s chain of command and can be fired. We also need an INDEPENDENT COMMISSION can to investigate the Russian interference in the election. Right now House Democrats are circulating a "discharge petition" -- a procedural measure to force a floor vote on legislation that creates an independent commission.

    Tell your representatives that you support the creation of an independent commission!

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