Demand that Congress Pass the Justice In Policing Act!


While deliberations in Congress continue regarding public safety reforms, it’s vital that baseline measures to ensure some necessary and overdue changes are incorporated. Congress must move to pass a strong version of the Justice in Policing Act, that addresses accountability for police killings, bans racial profiling, ends qualified immunity for police, and more.

I urge you to support the Justice in Policing Act -- at a minimum -- and ensure that its reforms are included in any bipartisan package passed by Congress!

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    The recent tragedy involving the death of Tyre Nichols as a result of police violence is just the latest in a long history of anti-Black violence committed by law enforcement officials. And while some local governments have moved to implement significant public safety reform that would reduce or eliminate these incidents, the federal government has done little.

    As state and local officials continue evaluating changes to policing that will work best in their communities, it is the responsibility of our federal government to set a minimum standard for justice, anti-racist policing, and safety in America. It is long past time for legislation to be passed that would address these problems at the federal level, and it’s imperative that Congress act immediately in a way that provides meaningful and lasting change.

    Urge your members of Congress to support a robust public safety reform package – one that includes the Justice in Policing Act!

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