Tell the New York Times to Correct the Record!

New York Times:

Your recent article titled, "Democrats Fret as Stacey Abrams Struggles in Georgia Governor’s Race," missed the mark on a couple of items regarding the Georgia gubernatorial race. It mischaracterized the Abrams campaign's efforts to mobilize Black voters when compared to the efforts of national Democrats and seemingly misrepresented the words of at least one expert quoted in the piece, Kevin Harris.

I urge you to issue the corrections needed to ensure that readers are provided with an accurate update on the election and to be more diligent in your political reporting. Inaccurate reporting on election trends and dynamics does a disservice to voters and to our democracy itself, which now more than ever depends on outlets like the Times showing a staunch commitment to the truth.

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    A recent article in the New York Times discussing the upcoming Georgia Gubernatorial election mischaracterizes not only just how close the race is between far-right incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams, but also a quote regarding the success of Abrams campaign in their outreach to Black voters in the state.

    In discussing the election with reporters, People For political advisor Kevin Harris criticized national Democrats for their disorganized attempts to mobilize Black voters across the country. Unfortunately Kevin's comments were misrepresented as a reflection of the Abrams campaign, whose outreach to Black voters represents a model effort rather than one that is failing.

    We're calling on the New York Times to issue a correction to the story and be more responsible when it comes to their political reporting – add your name now to join us in this effort!

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