Tell the Senate: OPPOSE Trump's Extreme Supreme Court Nominee!

US Senators:

Brett Kavanaugh is an unacceptable choice for the Supreme Court, who would be a rubber stamp for Trump's abuses and drastically shift the Court's balance to cause irreparable harm to Americans' fundamental rights.

With all that's at stake, there is NO way this nominee should be confirmed. I demand that you do EVERYTHING in your power to STOP the confirmation of Trump's dangerous pick.

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    Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Kennedy was the last "swing vote" on crucial issues such as choice, health care reform, and LGBTQ rights.

    Kavanaugh is a narrow-minded elitist who would drag the Court far, far to the Right and take a sledge hammer to the fundamental rights of countless Americans. He has even argued that the president should be above the law!

    Add your name now to tell the Senate they must REJECT this unacceptable nominee!

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