Tell Congress: Override Trump's Veto Blocking the Emergency Declaration!

US Congress:

Despite bipartisan disapproval of President Trump's emergency declaration to construct a wall at the southern border, Trump has vetoed this important check on the abuse of the National Emergencies Act.

I urge you vote to override Trump's veto to once and for all put an END to this needless emergency declaration.

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    Trump has vetoed the overwhelmingly bipartisan resolution just passed by Congress that would put an END to his needless emergency declaration.

    We can't stand for this egregious attempt to circumvent Congressional authority -- and Congress must act to stop Trump.

    Despite the veto, Congress could override it to enforce the resolution that would prevent him from raiding federal funds to construct his border wall.

    Sign the petition today and urge your Members of Congress to stand up to Trump and override his veto!

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