Tell Congress to Pass President Biden's Tax Plan!


As your constituent, I ask that you support President Biden’s tax plans included in his 2023 budget proposal that would increase the top corporate tax rate (at a time of record-breaking corporate profits) AND implement a “billionaire minimum income tax” to make sure the ultra-wealthy stop dodging taxes by simply borrowing against the value of their appreciating assets.

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    One of the common ways in which the ultra-wealthy are able to dodge taxes is by simply borrowing against the appreciated value of their assets – producing an income stream that is not subject to the income taxes that the rest of us pay. 

    Now, however, the President’s 2023 budget plan includes a proposal -- dubbed the “billionaire minimum income tax” -- that would crack down on this scheme by imposing, for families with a net worth in excess of $100 million, a 20% minimum tax on their income as well as unrealized gains in the value of liquid assets like stocks. 

    It’s long past time for the most fortunate among us to stop dodging the taxes the rest of us pay and contribute their fair share to the system of government that has allowed them to amass such incredible sums of wealth.   

    Tell your members of Congress to support President Biden’s proposals for a fairer tax system!

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