Tell President Biden: Move Quickly to Fill Judicial Vacancies!

President Joe Biden:

We urgently need to fill the judicial vacancies throughout our federal courts. Rapid confirmation of judges will help deliver justice and a court system that works for ALL of us, not just the wealthy and powerful.

I urge you to prioritize the nomination of fair-minded judicial nominees in every state to ensure that everyone has access to equal justice under the law and to prevent the further erosion of some of our nation's most fundamental rights.

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    Since taking office, President Biden has moved faster than most of his predecessors when it comes to judicial confirmations. However, as of this writing*, there are still a total of 90 vacancies across the federal judiciary at the district and circuit court levels.

    Unfortunately, the pace of nominations has slowed and President Biden may soon fall behind the pace set by his predecessor, President Trump.

    Repairing the damage done to our country by the Trump administration requires repairing our courts – and that means President Biden and the Senate can’t let up on naming and confirming nominees to fill these vacancies!

    Sign the petition and urge President Biden to prioritize the nomination of fair-minded judicial nominees!

    *Judicial vacancy and judicial nominee data updated as of 2/1/24.

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