Tell Congress to Protect the Mueller Investigation!


President Trump's firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting AG is a serious threat to Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. We must protect the Mueller investigation by not allowing Trump to fire Mueller or impede his investigation in any way.

The threat against the investigation is real and growing.

Pass the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act!

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    Just after the midterm elections, President Trump FIRED Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General and appointed one of his political lackeys, Matt Whitaker, as interim AG. Now that Sessions has been fired, Whitaker has taken the lead on overseeing Robert Mueller's Russia investigation -- clearly an attempt to put a strangle on the investigation before it proceeds any further. 

    Bipartisan bills have been introduced in both the Senate and the House that would take away Trump’s ability to unilaterally have Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller fired with impunity -- but, in both the Senate and the House, the bills need more Republican support. It's time for Republicans to get off the sidelines and put country before party, and both Republicans AND Democrats need to keep hearing from their constituents about the need to make this bill a priority.

    Members of both parties need to co-sponsor and publicly support passage of the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act!

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