Demand an Investigation into Roger Stone's Sentencing Recommendation!


The recent reversal in sentencing guidelines for President Trump’s confidant, Roger Stone, is yet another clear indication of Trump’s desire to tip the scales of justice in his favor. It’s clear that the only reason Stone’s sentencing recommendation was reduced was to satisfy Trump and it is an egregious breach of justice.

I demand an investigation into the sentencing recommendation reversal!

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    Following a lengthy investigation and conviction of President Trump’s right-hand man, Roger Stone, Trump publicly and vociferously criticized the sentencing recommendation made by career Department of Justice officials after which DOJ leaders withdrew the recommendations and called for a more lenient sentence. This egregious breach of justice has caused EVERY prosecutor involved in the case to resign from their post.

    Now that Trump has gotten away with pressuring a foreign government into investigating his political rivals, he apparently thinks that the law doesn’t apply – for himself or any of his closest allies.

    Well we’re not going to stand for it. The Department of Justice’s Inspector General should investigate this matter and we are calling on the House Judiciary Committee should demand answers from the Department of Justice as well. Sign the petition today!

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