Tell Trump that we won’t let him define transgender people out of existence! #WontBeErased

To: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

I demand that you stop the narrowing of the definition of gender, thereby erasing recognition of and vital protections for members of the trans community who remain vulnerable to civil rights abuses and attacks. This violation will only serve to continue the historic pattern of systematic discrimination against the LGBTQ community and we will not stand for it.

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    In a chilling move against the LGBTQ community, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reportedly argues in a draft memo that the government should define gender “on a biological basis that is clear… objective and administrable.”

    Science, medicine, and the law are on our side—not the Trump administration’s.  Among others, the American Medical Association and dozens of courts over the last two decades have affirmed the full rights and identities of transgender people. The Trump administration has no such evidence backing its views up.

    Simply put, the Trump administration is trying to erase trans people by creating a heartless and extreme definition of gender that is not grounded in science, medicine, or the law. This is a huge blow to the trans community, as this definition would prevent transgender people from receiving federal civil rights protections and make it impossible to enforce non-discrimination laws.

    LGBTQ individuals have been a target of the Trump administration from the beginning, and we need your voice in telling the administration that we will not stay silent during this latest attack on trans civil rights.

    Add your name and let Trump know that the trans community #WontBeErased!

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