Tell the Senate: End the Filibuster Now!


The filibuster is undemocratic and has in recent years been used as a weapon by senators to block landmark pieces of legislation.

Without a change in filibuster rules, a fringe minority will be able to obstruct critical legislation and subvert the will of The People, as it has done all too often in the past. Congress must end the filibuster and fight for We the People!

I demand that the Senate end the filibuster now!

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    What is the filibuster and why we need to end it:

    The filibuster is downright undemocratic and is currently the biggest hurdle to provide desperately needed and popular reforms to strengthen democracy and protect Americans’ fundamental rights.

    Currently, Senate right-wingers are preparing to block measures on a slew of progressive priorities, including the expansion of voting rights, ending violent policing, getting rid of big money in politics, and protecting reproductive rights, immigrants’ rights, the environment, and so much more!

    We cannot allow the will of The People be suppressed by a controlling far-right political minority group of our country.

    Sign the petition now to demand that the U.S. Senate end the filibuster!

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