Demand an End to Trump’s Human Rights Abuses Against Immigrant Children

Department of Homeland Security:

Migrant children are bearing the brunt of the Trump administration's cruel and dehumanizing immigration policy.

I demand that you immediately act to rein in abuses and protect the human rights of immigrant children!

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    A central component of Trump’s immigration policy throughout his presidency has been the abysmal treatment of immigrants in ICE custody. And the most vulnerable casualties of the Trump administration’s ongoing abuse of immigrants have been immigrant children -- especially those in detention who have had to endure hardships like family separation, unsanitary living conditions, and untreated medical conditions through lack of care and refusal of medication.


    Human rights abuses against children at the border and in immigrant detention facilities will not stop unless Americans speak out to demand justice.


    Sign our petition now to demand that the administration stop this unfair and inhumane treatment of immigrant children!

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