Urge the Senate to Extend the Census Deadline!


As you work to address the next coronavirus relief package, it is imperative to our democracy that you extend the deadline for data collection for the 2020 census. Rushing the census, especially in the midst of this once-in-a-generation economic and public health crisis, will shortchange attempts to count all Americans and will result in inaccurate representation in Congress and funding for each state. 

Given the crucial role that the census plays in allocating resources and representation for all Americans once a decade, this process is too important to our future to rush. You must pass the census extension provision and $400 million in emergency funds in the House's HEROES Act to protect the census and our democracy.

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    The census is designed to give our government a complete look at all Americans and our diverse needs to allow for apportioning representation and resources appropriately across the country. Rushing the census by prematurely concluding data collection will result in false information and is likely to disproportionately impact historically under-counted groups like Native Americans, low-income people, non-native English speakers, immigrants, and people experiencing homelessness. 

    Right now, self-reporting is at an all time low and the Census Bureau is up against the Trump administration's attempts to prematurely conclude data collection. The House of Representatives has already acted to protect the census by including a provision to extend the deadlines and support census data collection work with $400 million in emergency funds in the HEROES Act. 

    Sign the petition today and urge the Senate to extend the census!

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