PFAW's Couch Party: Trivia For Liberals!


PFAW's Couch Party: Trivia For Liberals

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    You’re invited to the first ever PFAW trivia couch party!

    These are trying times. Our mission is more urgent than ever, the stakes for 2020 are higher than they’ve ever been, and we’re working hard to adapt to the current landscape to make our advocacy and organizing as impactful as possible.

    But we want to take some time to check in with YOU – to connect with members like you and give you a little bit of brain exercise while we’re at it. 

    So you’re invited to our first ever PFAW Couch Party: Trivia For Liberals! RSVP TODAY!

    Please note that by RSVP-ing to this event, you are agreeing to the event being recorded and to PFAW using your likeness if it appears in this recording.

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