Stop Trump's bogus 'voter fraud' witch hunt, investigate voter suppression instead!

Members of Congress, State and Federal Officials:

President Donald Trump's claim about voter fraud in the last election is a LIE, plain and simple. Any cooperation with his suggested witch hunt would serve an agenda of voter suppression and intimidation instead of investigating the real problem of voter suppression. Any investigation into voting in the last election should focus on voter suppression, not baseless allegations of “fraud."

You must not assist attacks on our democracy by legitimizing a witch hunt based solely on lies, intimidation, and the personal insecurities of our new president.


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    Donald Trump is calling for a witch hunt into alleged “voter fraud” in the last election -- based on a LIE he has been telling, with no evidence at all, that millions of people voted illegally. He says the investigation lead to changes in “voting procedures.”

    This is part of an attempt by Trump and his right-wing allies to build a massive voter suppression regime in advance of future elections. If anything had an impact on the last election, it was targeted voter suppression, not mythical widespread individual voter fraud -- which has been found over and over again not to exist.

    With this and other actions in his first days in office, Trump has launched an all-out war on voting, relying on nothing more than lies and intimidation.

    Speak out now! Add your name to tell members of Congress and other public officials to stand against this witch hunt and investigate the real problem of voter suppression instead.

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