This Giving Tuesday, Give to Stop Hate & Defend Democracy

The most important thing you can do this Giving Tuesday is give to defend our democracy and your rights from authoritarianism, bigotry, and lies.

 ALL donations 4X-MATCHED! 

This is a day every year when Americans give to the causes near and dear to their hearts ... to organizations that help others and do work that reflects the values of their donors...

So please use this Giving Tuesday to give the gift of democracy to future generations ... the gift of securing and protecting fundamental rights for marginalized communities and your fellow Americans who don't have the means to protect themselves ... the gift of ensuring that our nation undoes the harm caused by Trump and Trumpism and rejects hate in favor of the values that unite us and make America truly great.

Support the work of People For the American Way this Giving Tuesday and your donation will be QUADRUPLE-MATCHED by a group of our dedicated donors. (And if you choose to make your contribution a monthly sustaining gift, your monthly gift will be quadruple-matched for the entire year!)

If you have not yet renewed your membership early for 2021, your gift today, of any amount, will count as your 2021 renewal contribution and affirm your support for the critical year ahead.

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