NC Special Election Alert: Send Trump a Message and Flip this Seat from Red to Blue!

The VERY FIRST election that has the chance to kick start a Blue Wave for 2020 is the special congressional election in North Carolina’s 9th District – and it’s coming up fast.

You might remember that this is the special election that was called after the Republican candidate was caught cheating to eke out a narrow win in November and those results were toss out.

We have the same Democrat in the race, Dan McCready, but now a new Republican: Dan Bishop. Bishop is the right-wing extremist state legislator who authored North Carolina’s nationally infamous -- and incredibly bigoted -- transgender bathroom ban!

PFAW is deploying our expert electoral programs in the district to flip this seat from red to blue because of how important it will be to:

1) holding onto the Democratic House majority, and

2) dealing Trump an early defeat that could give progressives amazing momentum heading into 2020

Can you chip in immediately to flip this seat and start the next Blue Wave?

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