Emergency Supreme Court Campaign to STOP Brett Kavanaugh!

We cannot afford another extreme Trump Supreme Court justice who will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, health care reform, marriage equality, and every other legal protection Americans depend on and for which we've fought so hard.

We MUST STOP Brett Kavanaugh -- someone who has argued that the president should be ABOVE THE LAW!

Because Justice Anthony Kennedy was the Court's last "swing vote" on many important issues like LGBTQ equality and Roe v. Wade, Trump and the Right Wing can now drastically reshape the Court. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, the fundamental rights of all Americans are at risk.

We are going to do EVERYTHING in our power to save the Supreme Court from this dangerous nominee who would drag the Court farther to the extreme Right. But we're going to need all of our members and supporters with us in this fight! Are you in?

All donations 5X MATCHED until deadline.

YES! I'm with you in the fight! Put my (matched) donation to work to save the Court!

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