Tell the Senate to Confirm Nancy Abudu!


Nancy Abudu’s life and career embody the principles of the American Way. The child of immigrants, Ms. Abudu has fought for years to protect the rights of the underprivileged: fighting for voting rights, criminal justice reform, immigrants' rights, LBGTQ rights, children’s rights, and more. When confirmed, she will also be the first Black woman on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Her sterling legal credentials and the lived experiences she will bring to the court, make Nancy Abudu an exceptional nominee for the Eleventh Circuit, and as a constituent I urge you to support her confirmation.

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    Fresh off the smear campaign attempting to sink Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation, the Far Right has a new target: Nancy Abudu, President Biden’s nominee for the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Abudu is facing attacks from multiple far-right organizations and pundits, attempting to portray her legal career of advocating for the right to vote as a bad thing! A recent op-ed from the far-right Judicial Crisis Network blasts Nancy Abudu’s work with the American Civil Liberty Union’s Voting Rights Project where she challenged legislation in multiple states that restricted the freedom to vote. It's important to note, that the all-important Eleventh Circuit that Abudu has been nominated to serve on includes Florida, Georgia, and Alabama – states with a long history of voter suppression.

    The Far Right is so opposed to Abudu that they’ve been flooding Senate offices with messages to oppose her nomination. But with voting rights under attack like never before (and a narrowly divided Senate), it’s vital that we counter their efforts, so we don’t lose a single vote in favor of her confirmation!

    Sign the petition to the Senate now and urge them to confirm voting rights champion Nancy Abudu to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals!

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