Demand the DOJ Honor Precedent & Release the Mueller Findings!

Department of Justice:

Indictments of Trump's former campaign officials and confidants continue to pile up as a result of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. The public needs to know the full scope of Mueller's investigations!

We demand that the Justice Department honor the precedent it set when it met the House Republicans' extensive request for documents form the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails and release all of special Counsel Mueller's findings to the public!

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    Members of key House committees are now pointing out that the Department of Justice set a precedent that applies to the Mueller probe when the department met House Republicans' extensive requests for documents and findings from the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

    Even right-wing Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee agree that the DOJ's release of information must be adhered to and that the Mueller report should be made public!

    Add your name to DEMAND that the Justice Department release all of Special Counsel Mueller’s findings to the public!

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