Demand that the New Congress Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act!


Because every American has a fundamental right to participate in our democracy, we urge the new Congress to prioritize passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act upon its reintroduction to protect voters against discrimination and intimidation in the voting process.

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to honor the legacy of John Lewis by restoring and strengthening the Voting Rights Act in order to combat voter suppression and protect our fundamental right to vote. I demand that you pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act!

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    What transpired during the 2020 election exemplifies just how badly our democracy is in need of major reforms. From purging of voter rolls, closing down polling stations, and efforts to sabotage mail-in voting, we must demand that our new Congress strengthen our voting rights!

    The late congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis dedicated his life to fighting for democracy so that every American has equitable access to vote and participate in our elections. Lewis's dedication to equal rights will never be forgotten and we must remind the new Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act for our country to become a truer democracy. Every American must be protected and heard!

    Sign our petition now and demand that the new Congress passes the John Lewis Voting Rights Act!

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