Tell Congress: Overturn 'Citizens United'!

U.S. Congress:

It is long past time to bring an end to the overwhelming political dominance of ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations so that our elected officials can better represent the people they serve. As we enter a campaign cycle that will once again demonstrate the need to overturn the disastrous Citizens United ruling that opened the floodgates to billions of special-interest dollars pouring into our elections, it’s vital that we maintain pressure on lawmakers to pass legislation that would put an end to it.

I join the millions of Americans calling on you to support and pass the Democracy for All constitutional amendment to ensure lawmakers have the authority to protect the voice of the voter from being drowned out by big money, and place common-sense limits on corporate, special interest and big donor influence in elections without delay.

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    It’s been almost 14 years since the Supreme Court handed down the disastrous Citizens United ruling which has brought devastating consequences for our elections – allowing unlimited corporate spending in our elections to drown out the voices of everyday citizens like you and me.

    We believe it's time to reclaim the power of our democracy and put it back into the hands of the people. That's why we're rallying behind the Democracy for All Amendment in Congress which is a crucial step towards overturning Citizens United and restoring fairness to our electoral process.

    Sign the petition now and urge Congress to pass the Democracy for All Amendment and strengthen the voices of everyday Americans instead of corporations and the wealthy!

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