Stephen Miller needs to go.

White nationalists have no business being in the White House, writing policy, and crafting strategy. Stephen Miller's ideology has clear consequences, from the unconstitutional Muslim ban to the heartless revocation of DACA. I demand Stephen Miller's firing or resignation now!

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    White House aide Stephen Miller is Trump’s top immigration policy advisor … and a white supremacist.

    Miller’s continued presence in the administration helps to legitimize white supremacy and the so-called ‘Alt-Right.’ And with Miller acting as a puppet-master, yanking Trump’s strings to keep him in line with the nativist immigration policy he ran on, it’s a major obstacle to any bipartisan deal to protect DREAMers or address other issues of immigration.

    Stephen Miller has no business being in the White House writing policy and crafting strategy.

    Add your name to call for Stephen Miller’s firing or resignation now!

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