Sign Now: It’s time for Congress to investigate the Trump administration for repeated ethics violations.

To Congress:

The number of ethics violations and possible violations that members of the Trump administration have racked up in just one year is truly shocking. My confidence in this government is shaken by the abuses of power, flouting of important rules, and corrupt behavior. I demand that Congress fully investigate President Donald Trump and his administration for repeated ethics violations, including the emoluments clause.

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    Since his first day in office, President Donald Trump has flouted ethical norms by not divesting himself from his family’s business, nor fully divulging the sources of his income. And the example he has set has trickled down throughout his administration.

    Many of Trump’s political appointees and advisors have been caught in their own ethics scandals. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s family received a $30 million business investment from one of Israel’s largest financial institutions on the eve of Kushner’s first visit to the Middle East last spring.

    Multiple top government officials have been caught up too. From Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson to EPA Chief Scott Pruitt to Veterans Affairs Secretary David J. Shulkin and others, high level appointees have been revealed to have been warned by ethics lawyers, to have doctored documents, and to have misused taxpayer funds.

    The ethics violations on the Trump administration’s watch need to be reined in -- NOW.

    Sign the petition and demand Congress immediately investigate Trump administration officials for repeated ethics violations.

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