Tell Congress: Mueller Must Testify!

US Congress:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's statement following the conclusion of the Russia investigation leaves more questions than answers regarding his findings. Despite Attorney General William Barr's attempts to conceal the crimes committed by Trump, the American people deserve to have Mueller provide public testimony before Congress in order to continue the ongoing investigations of holding the administration and those who surround it responsible for their behavior.

I urge you to hold a public hearing allowing Special Counsel Robert Mueller to provide testimony to Congress and the American people.

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    "If we had confidence the President did not commit a crime, we would have said so."

    - Special Counsel Robert Mueller, 5/29/19

    Following Mueller's recent news conference there are more questions than answers. Attorney General William Barr's attempt to conceal Trump's crimes by offering deliberately misleading assessments of Mueller's final report only further demonstrate how desperate Trump and his administration are to hide the truth from the public.

    We need to have Mueller testify, publicly, before Congress and it must happen soon.

    Sign the petition today calling on Congress to schedule public testimony from Robert Mueller as soon as possible!

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