Tell the Senate to Pass the NO BAN Act!


The xenophobic and Islamophobic travel ban instituted by former President Trump had no basis in securing our nation and only served to placate his white nationalist supporters. The ban devastated communities and ripped apart families by prohibiting individuals from immigrating to the United States from majority Muslim nations in Africa and Asia.

The ability of presidents to impose religiously and ethnically motivated travel bans should be prohibited and I urge you to pass the NO BAN Act immediately!

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    While President Biden put an end to Trump’s travel ban upon taking office, the ability for future presidents to impose a similar ban still remains – unless the NO BAN Act is signed into law. And even if Trump isn’t on the ballot in 2024, there many other figures just like him, eager to revive and outdo his bigoted policies.

    Senators Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz praised the policy, with Cruz calling the ban “a commonsense step,” and dozens of other Congressional Republicans offering their support. It’s clear that while President Biden has no plans to reinstate a similar policy, all too many far-right members of Congress – and likely 2024 contenders – are more than willing to impose the ban again.

    Tell the Senate to pass the NO BAN Act NOW – we can’t wait and give future presidents the ability to impose religious and ethnically-motivated travel bans!

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