Tell Congress: DON'T repeal health care!


I demand you vote against the Graham-Cassidy health care repeal, as the bill will strip health care from millions of Americans, quintuple costs of older Americans, eliminate subsidies from low-income individuals, and eliminate protections from patients with preexisting conditions. The bill is cruel, immoral, and disgraceful.

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    Close to the 51 votes they need to repeal Obamacare forever, Senate Republicans are preparing to introduce a new health care repeal bill worse than all those before it. Republicans in Congress have 12 days before their repeal attempts are dead altogether, and we need to make sure this bill does not pass in this window.

    Here’s what you need to know about the Graham-Cassidy bill:

    1. It REPEALS health care – but it does not actually replace it in a way that works… it just hands health care control to the states with block grants to fund the program that EXPIRE in 2026.
    2. Medicaid expansion funding would be slashed by a THIRD by 2026 and completely eliminated by 2027.
    3. Subsidies for low-income people on Obamacare would be scrapped entirely.
    4. Insurers can charge older customers FIVE TIMES more than younger ones.
    5. The bill ENDS any protections against discriminating against patients with preexisting conditions leaving them vulnerable to skyrocketing rates or complete loss of coverage.

    The bill is cruel and immoral, leaving millions without health coverage, and stripping others of options to pay for it. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office even announced that they do not have enough time to fully score the bill before the vote -- meaning that the people voting on it and the people impacted will not know the full scale of the damage it will inflict.

    Demand your members of Congress REJECT Trumpcare!

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