Tell Senators: OPPOSE Trump's extreme and partisan judges!


Please do EVERYTHING in your power to take a stand against President Trump's extreme court-packing agenda and OPPOSE the confirmations of his controversial US appellate court nominees Joan Larsen, Amy Coney Barrett, Allison Eid, and Stephanos Bibas.

Not one of these nominees got a single Democratic vote in committee and each of them has a record that suggests hostility to Americans' fundamental rights and core constitutional values.

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    Full Senate votes on four partisan, far-right Trump nominees will be happening THIS WEEK. Senators need to hear from the grassroots now that they should strongly oppose these unacceptable Trump appeals court nominees:

    • Joan Larsen -- nominated to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals -- was on Trump’s infamous list of 21 potential Supreme Court nominees, prepared for him by far-right groups the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society. Larsen is probably favored by Trump because she would allow immense presidential authority to disobey the law -- she defended George W. Bush’s abuse of signing statements as “the president’s independent vision of what the Constitution requires” and approvingly wrote that “if the circumstances arose in which the law would prevent [the president] from protecting the nation, he would choose the nation over the statute.”
    • Amy Coney Barrett -- nominated to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals -- has written that courts should be freer to overrule precedent they disagree with and co-authored an article in which she acknowledged that her personal views could prevent her from carrying out her responsibilities as a judge. Yet, at her Judiciary Committee hearing, she said she couldn’t think of an instance in which this conflict would warrant her recusal from a case!
    • Allison Eid -- nominated to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals -- is also on Trump’s SCOTUS list. Her writings suggest an extreme view of federalism and hostility to the New Deal; she dissented in a State Supreme Court case and would have upheld a voucher program that the majority recognized as violating the Establishment Clause; in another dissent she distorted the plain meaning of a statute to side with a conservative candidate in a nonpartisan school board election.
    • Stephanos Bibas -- nominated to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals -- once wrote in favor of replacing much of the prison system with corporal punishment including stress positions, electric shocks, and putting offenders in stocks to be pelted with food by bystanders and victims.
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