Tell the Senate: NO Trump SCOTUS Nominee

US Senators:

With the election just weeks away, it would go against all precedent and be an afront to our democracy to move to confirm a Supreme Court nominee before the People have a chance to make their voices heard.

I demand that you do EVERYTHING in your power to BLOCK confirmation of another Supreme Court justice before the next president is sworn in.

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    With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell pledging to break precedent and try to ram through a nominee, we're in the Supreme Court nomination fight of our lives -- and we don't have to wait for the announcement of the nominee to know that the latest Trump nominee will be picked to benefit the powerful and privileged, please the Radical Right, and take away access to lifesaving health care for millions of Americans.

    Another Trump confirmation to the Supreme Court could cement years of far-right control of the Court. It could put health care and reproductive rights at grave risk, and turn back the clock on voting rights, racial equity, and rights for LGBTQ Americans. We can’t let that happen.

    There's too much at stake-- add your name now to tell the Senate to OPPOSE filling this vacancy with ANY Trump nominee until after the inauguration of the next president. 

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