Congress: Pass the Secure Elections Act!

To Congress:

Our democracy and fair elections need to be protected from meddling by Russia and others. The bipartisan Secure Elections Act would grant money to states to help them improve the security of their election systems and provide a crucial safeguard against potential cyber-attacks on our elections. Pass the Secure Elections Act now!

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    In 2016 we witnessed an all-out assault on our democracy by way of election meddling at an unprecedented scale from Russia. We are still reeling from the damage done in 2016 and understanding the scale of the Russian attack.

    With primaries for 2018 midterm elections starting in the next three weeks, and the intelligence community warning of continued efforts to try to infiltrate our election systems, something needs to be done to protect our democracy from meddling by Russia and others.

    This bipartisan bill would provide millions of dollars in grant money to help states improve the security of their election systems -- but it hasn’t even had a hearing or committee vote. More than 40 states are using electronic voting systems that are at least a decade old and are not equipped with the latest security technology.

    Urge your members of Congress to pass the bipartisan Secure Elections Act now!

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