Tell Congress: Pass the NO BAN Act now!

US Congress: 

The disastrous consequences of President Trump's Muslim Ban have already affected too many American families. 

Our country was built on values of equality and diversity. I urge you to pass the NO BAN Act to stop the Muslim Ban and all future discrimination in our immigration system. 

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    Tell Congress to Pass the NO Ban Act!

    President Trump’s Muslim Ban has needlessly separated countless families, denied people access to lifesaving medical treatments, denied children contact with their parents and grandparents, and caused people to miss the births, deaths, weddings, and funerals of loved ones.

    The NO BAN Act is a strong response to Trump's Muslim Ban that would not only stop the current ban but ensure no one can be banned from our country based on religious or nationality-based discrimination ever again. The bill would outlaw future discrimination in the entry of non-citizens, and would repeal the asylum ban and extreme restrictions currently in place to prevent refugees from entering the country. The bill also puts accountability and due process safeguards in place.

    Add your name now to tell the Congress to pass the NO BAN Act and stop the Muslim Ban now!

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