Stop McConnell’s Dangerous Corporate Immunity Plan


Business leaders, small businesses, and employees are all looking to Congress for responsible leadership in re-opening the economy safely. But encouraging businesses to re-open prematurely, without clear, scientifically based guidelines on how best to protect their workers, is beyond irresponsible and risks workers’ health, the health of the public at large, and worsening the economic impact of the crisis.

I strongly urge you to demand that the administration release clear guidelines for safe and healthy re-opening and to REJECT any legislation that provides blanket liability protection for employers amid the coronavirus crisis.

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    Mitch McConnell and his cronies have drawn a line in the sand: no more support for the American people as we weather a once-in-a-lifetime economic and public health crisis unless we make it impossible for vulnerable workers to seek protection from bad acting employers who are trying to force people to return to work before it's safe to do so. No employee should have to choose between returning to work and their safety.

    Both employees and employers are looking to the government for guidance on how to balance economic and public health realities. Corporations should not be given a free pass to endanger their employees for profits. 

    Liability protections for employers should be narrowly tailored as the economy re-opens to both protect workers and good-faith employers and guidelines need to be issued to help companies across the country re-open safely.


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