Tell Congress: Don't repeal the CFPB forced arbitration rule!

Members of Congress:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new rule that bans forced arbitration clauses protects American consumers from predatory financial institutions who want to prevent ripped-off consumers from having their day in court. I strongly urge you to vote AGAINST repealing this rule that protects Americans from being taken advantage of.

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    Republicans in Congress have been working feverishly to gather the votes for legislation that would repeal the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new rule banning forced arbitration clauses -- and a vote could come very soon!

    Forced arbitration clauses allow Wall Street banks and predatory financial institutions to block consumers from joining together in a class action lawsuit, denying ripped-off consumers their day in court. With the CEOs of Wells Fargo and Equifax set to testify soon, now is the time to get answers from them AND to block legislation that would let CEO’s like them off the hook

    Americans deserve answers and accountability from the CEOs of companies that have played fast and loose with our money and data, not the rollback of important rules that protect us from being taken advantage of.

    Tell Congress: Don't overturn the CFPB arbitration rule and turn your backs on American consumers!

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